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This is my second in the last 3 weeks of no posts for 3 years ! My wife was working at night, so I jumped on the laptop and hit the usual places, not really thought it would have the courage of someone they have, but want tiavas to entertain and maybe arrange something, as I was so hot. I'm messaging people and talk about cross-dressing, and when I was in my underwear, so my wife, when a message has intrigued me. I was asked if I was dressing to go to meet and watch porn and then looked stupid ! This request has agitated me and tiavas after a round of messages, the horn has the best of me and I agreed to meet. We have both agreed to dress in lingerie, and I would bring my wife some clothes and at the same time contributing to the porn films. I went through the drawers wives and opted for black. Black bra, black lace panties and black raids barely. God, it felt so good and I was soo cool. Then I got a black pencil skirt, I knew I could get tiavas in and a white blouse and shiny, put them in a bagput on a tracksuit and underwear. I arrived at the first meeting, tiavas and started after a waiting period of a few minutes a little nervous when you are in a facility or no show ! If I had jumped with the underwear on the train, I would be ready. ! But then I heard the tiavas sound of a car slowly coming behind me and in my rearview mirror I saw the car stop. The man left and went to my door when I closed the window. He introduced himself, tiavas and after a brief talk I asked if I could see if I was dressed in green. I unzipped his jacket to show the track, came back to my black bra, tiavas and he in his pants to show a beautiful pair of blue lace anything. My cock shook and I thought, ' Oh my God, I'm really doing this!'. He told me to follow him to his seat and left. When we arrived, we went and asked if I could go and put the rest of my team. When I did that, put a porno on TV. I entered the room, with my pencil skirt in white blouse with black bra underneath,I feel as hot as ever, and what a sight greeted me ! In a large 50 ' tv was transsexual / she male porn, and was at large on the couch. Lacy blue panties, matching bra, so hold ups and high heels ! My cock stood before me, I was so hard and on ' Come, sit here and watch,' he beckoned, I sat on one end of the sofa and the other. we were both glued to pornography, but the side with a look at each other, at the same time. As we have seen GE, which began to caress her all thro. tiavas his cock was bigger than mine, I am 6 ' cut, saw about 7. 5 ' and had a forskin second only to the glans. s slid my skirt so my stockings and panties and copies were rubbing my cock while rubbing. Then, almost at the same time places his hands fell, rub it and rub me. I had to keep his cock and playing with their forskin, I put my hand in a Nix put my hand around his shaft. was thick, which began, s strawboth straight porn, do not make eye contact at all, even hotter. I began to masturbate faster, and I like his breathing began to change and quickly. Now grabbed my penis and began masturbating. Heaven! I arrived with my free hand and plays with his balls and the head of the wave at the same time, when he defeated his forskin back and forth, stopping only to lubricate placing it in my saliva. This had the desired effect and I realized I was close, so I got up and moved him well for the first time we were face to face. We looked to the side to get dirty when the driver has passed to his senses and masturbate each other with tiavas their tails facing each other, they cum in each others cocks. I could feel myself begin to rise, and hoped that he would take longer, and just when you thought it could not, he opened his mouth and began shooting. Hit my belly and tail, and acted as a lubricant in me, that always works, and in seconds I cumin, nothing at all, and stockings. The two stood there for a minute, softening cocks, cum covered in each other and decided we would go further next tiavas time. Where is the lead? ? I can not wait x
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